I am so happy…

"After working  with independently owned businesses for the last 35 years I have seen them in all various shapes, sizes and levels.  I have seen what they have done right and wrong.  I watched Michael Carli grow his own business from the bottom to the top and can say first hand he did things the right way.  I told him that some day he should get to a position where he can share his knowledge and experiences with the rest of the businesses out there.  I am so happy that he and Mary have chosen to do what they were meant to do, helping small business owners.  I have recommended several people to the Carlis and they are very satisfied with the advice they received."

Ken Grote
Professional Leads Network

…professionalism and many years of their own business experience

"As the real estate home inspection market returns, Michael and Mary’s business advice has helped me get not only back up to speed, but well ahead of where I would have been on my own. For the first time in awhile I feel I have control over my business. Their attention to my business allows me to focus on providing my clients the best home inspections in the area – while knowing that I have a business strategy in place, obtainable goals and a strong support team in place. My sincere thanks to the Carli Group for bringing your professionalism and many years of their own business experience to my Pillar To Post home inspection business."

Danny Logue
Certified Home Inspector
Pillar to Post

They have always been dependable and did what they said…

"In my 7 plus years of knowing the Carli’s and dealing with them both personally as a client and professionally working with their business; I always appreciated the fact that both Michael and Mary took ownership and treated you like they wanted to be treated.  They have always been dependable and did what they said with excellent follow through. I would highly recommend the Carli’s to any of my client’s as I know they will be fair, honest and candid with their customers."

Jeff Rathmell
Small Business Relationship Manager
TD Bank

…attention to detail in the areas of excellent customer service

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Michael and Mary Carii for over 20 years. The Carli’s attention to detail in the areas of excellent customer service, staffing a great team, and generously giving back to our community are just a few of the reasons the YMCA continues its relationship with Michael and Mary. They are honest in their workings with others and are truly exceptional people."

Tim Ackerman
Vice President – Properties
YMCA of the Suncoast

Michael has helped us take our business to the next level…

"I have been working with Michael Carli as a business advisor for several months.  Michael has helped us take our business to the next level with his knowledge of a business’s operations.  He helped us put several systems in place that we were lacking. His attention to detail and knowledge of “how a business is supposed to run” is great. I would recommend Michael to any business as a business advisor."

Debbie Humphrey
Home Helpers & Direct Link

…a wealth of knowledge in all facets of corporate administration

"Michael and Mary Carli are trusted members of the greater Tampa Bay area business community who possess a wealth of knowledge in all facets of corporate administration, small business operations, and community service.   Most importantly, their charitable contributions and generous donations of their time and resources to their local communities are second to none.  The Philadelphia Phillies are proud to call the Carlis friends as well as corporate partners since 1996.."

Lee McDaniel
Director, Minor League Operations
Philadelphia Phillies Carpenter Complex

…the sole reason my business exists today.

"Michael and Mary Carli and their strategic partnerships are the sole reason my business exists today. One hundred percent of my existing clientele is due to the connections Michael and Mary introduced into my business plan and from that, my business flourished  The networking and business contacts that Michael and Mary Carli have in their Rolodex surpasses anything I could have imagined when hiring a business adviser. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wisdom and your contacts! You guys are the best!"

Patti Wyman
Day Spa