Advisor Services

Advisor-Services-fullInitial Consultation

An introduction consultation is just that….an opportunity is afforded potential clients and members of The Carli Group an amicable, face to face exchange of information and knowledge of each ones respectable backgrounds.

The exchange is designed to do 4 things:

1) Allow The Carli Group to hear the client’s background, experience and motivation to consider our firm for advisory services.
2) Allow the client to become familiar with the business experience and track record of the members of our firm and their respective backgrounds.
3) The client becomes familiar with our firms’ services, the features and benefits of each product, our strategy and core values.
4) The Carli Group can determine a clear and exact service to best fit the needs of our client’s objectives.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation.

Pro Active Consulting Services

The Carli Group provides proactive consulting services for business owners or corporate staff that are pursuing the betterment of their organizations vital elements of our success.

In today’s’ competitive business environment, mature entrepreneurs understand the need to seek counsel from those who have withstood the challenges and issues of “business survival” and prospering in spite of it.

Pro active counsel varies according to a client’s desired outcome. The service is often a one time session for issues that arise unexpectedly, or a planned session for a specific challenge or new adventure a business owner may be considering.

Being pro active before making an important decision enables the individual to have a planned strategy and positive outcome.

Interactive Corporate Survey

The purpose of the corporate survey is to assess the viability of a new business start up or the “temperature” of an existing company. This process is completed by a series of in depth meetings with the company owner, by reviewing all of the vital elements of your firms operations.

Upon completion of these planning sessions, a detailed summation will be provided to the client, and a plan of action will be recommended as the “next step”.

Specific items that will be examined are listed below:

▪ Business structure ▪ Sales systems
▪ Executive/management framework ▪ Assess revenue status
▪ Internal organization ▪ Long term expansion
▪ Company’s good will value
▪ Exit strategies
Ideal clientele

Critical Action Plan

This plan is intended to address all vital elements of the business through a series of hands on, tactical meetings over a set period of time.

Upon completion of these planning sessions, a detailed summation will be provided to the client, and a plan of action will be recommended as the “next step”.

These meetings will consist of specific action items for the completion of detailed business systems, resulting in greater efficiency, increased revenues, sales and overall healthy growth of your business.

Over a period of time, the consistent and steady completion of these action items will allow the business owner(s) to diffuse things in their everyday operations which currently prohibit them from enjoying the success of entrepreneurship.

Examples of elements addressed are:

▪ Structure of the business
▪ Current sales systems
▪ Company good will value
▪ Internal organization
▪ Executive /Management framework
▪ Ideal clientele
▪ Long Term expansion
▪ Exit strategies

As your business strategists, The Carli Group will assist in your effective execution of these vital elements, allowing you, the owner(s), to enjoy life at work and at home.