I am so happy…

"After working  with independently owned businesses for the last 35 years I have seen them in all various shapes, sizes and levels.  I have seen what they have done right and wrong.  I watched Michael Carli grow his own business from the bottom to the top and can say first hand he did things the right way.  I told him that some day he should get to a position where he can share his knowledge and experiences with the rest of the businesses out there.  I am so happy that he and Mary have chosen to do what they were meant to do, helping small business owners.  I have recommended several people to the Carlis and they are very satisfied with the advice they received."

Ken Grote
Professional Leads Network

About The Carli Group

Michael and Mary Carli are co-owners of The Carli Group, a Business Advisory service based in Oldsmar, Florida. Entrepreneurs since age 12, The Carlis are experts in Small Business Systemization, Development Strategies, and Exit Plans.
They can be contacted at info@thecarligroup.net.