…they’ve helped me really turn things around and start living…

I’ve been working with Michael & Mary since July of 2013 and wow, they’ve helped me really turn things around and start living much more closely to my God-intended purpose!

I feel that an ideal client for The Carli Group would be someone with passion about their business who has a certain skill set, but needs help with structural details. Michael & Mary really help you make the important decisions that sometimes you don’t even know you need to make!

Thank you for your assistance Mary and Michael. Thank you for being a big part of this particular chapter of my life!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gordon Martin
Martin Montessori Academy

About The Carli Group

Michael and Mary Carli are co-owners of The Carli Group, a Business Advisory service based in Oldsmar, Florida. Entrepreneurs since age 12, The Carlis are experts in Small Business Systemization, Development Strategies, and Exit Plans.
They can be contacted at info@thecarligroup.net.