…they made an immediate impact in several areas

"To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Michael and Mary Carli – “the cure for the small business symptom”, or more specifically, “the small service business symptom”.

Like most small business owners, my business evolved to a point where I had completely lost control of the strategic management of my business. I found myself increasingly managing whichever crisis was immediately in front of me and what few systems I had in place were becoming increasingly inadequate as our business grew. I was becoming the poster child for the person who was being run by their business rather than the person running their business.
Then along came the Carli’s! We contracted with Michael and Mary to help us regain control of our business and, they made an immediate impact in several areas. Mary systemized our bookkeeping process so that we were on top of our receivables – one of our several chronic problems. Within a short time she had us updated to the point that we had confidence again in our management reports.

Michael systemized our entire operation – allowing us to focus on being proactive and regaining control of our sales and production processes. And, together with Mary, Michael taught us how to better control our cash flow and, create a budget for eliminating our debts.
I would highly recommend the Carli’s to any service related business that needs help getting their business to the next level or any entrepreneur who wants to be a successful service business owner. I am confident that, had Michael and Mary been available to me when I first launched my business I would have shaved ten years off of the learning curve and saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s not a question of whether or not you think you can afford the Carli’s, it’s more of a question of whether or not you can afford to be without them. The service business in Florida has become increasingly more complex and competitive. Your one big advantage to being successful in the service business may very well be Michael and Mary Carli – don’t over think it, just say yes to the Carli’s. It will be the best business decision that you ever make."

Mike Zelski
HANDYWORKS Property Services, Inc

About The Carli Group

Michael and Mary Carli are co-owners of The Carli Group, a Business Advisory service based in Oldsmar, Florida. Entrepreneurs since age 12, The Carlis are experts in Small Business Systemization, Development Strategies, and Exit Plans.
They can be contacted at info@thecarligroup.net.