Putting Your Clients’ Needs Above Your Beliefs


“It’s really not about you,” I said.

“Jennifer” had a look of anger and disbelief the first time I reminded her of this . Even worse, we were less than 45 minutes into our first strategy meeting.  As a seasoned businesswoman, she was quite sure that the insurance products she provided to her clientele were exactly what they should be purchasing. With more than 20 years in the insurance industry, she should know, right?  To be questioned by her long-time clients was a humiliation she deemed inappropriate. To be “shopped,” when clients check the rates of competing agencies, was downright rude.  “After all I did for these people,” she kept repeating.  I quickly realized there was a missing link to Jennifer’s sales system – she stopped asking her clients why they would continue to do business with her and not another agent.

The Golden Rule

Remember The Golden Rule? ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.’ Right? Well, not so much in today’s world. Consumers now want immediate gratification. But what does that look like in business? And how do we know what we should be doing?

Personal Attention

Business owners must adopt a new Golden Rule. You now must, ‘Treat people how they want to be treated.’ If you’re not sure what is, there’s a simple way to figure it out – ask them. Take notes regarding their answers and past experiences with your industry.  And after your initial sales contact, ask your prospective new client how they prefer to be contacted. When following up, honor that request. I have discovered these past few years that younger people really do prefer email. Seniors fight the technology craze and most still prefer that personal phone call. Tweak your interactions to offer them what they want so that you are meeting their needs.

Appropriate Focus

It’s important to always keep keep this fact in mind – Prospective clients purchase for their reasons, not ours. New and existing clients aren’t aware of our business expenses, margins, and problems. They just want great service for a fair price. Make it about them, and watch their reaction. And enjoy the referrals they will begin steering your way as a result. Because it is not about you, but it should be all about them!

About The Carli Group

Michael and Mary Carli are co-owners of The Carli Group, a Business Advisory service based in Oldsmar, Florida. Entrepreneurs since age 12, The Carlis are experts in Small Business Systemization, Development Strategies, and Exit Plans.
They can be contacted at info@thecarligroup.net.